How I Do This

When I set out to build this site, I had just a few modest goals: I wanted to be able to share my photos and videos, post the occasional sound clip, gather things into collections, keep track of what I’m reading and watching, and share a little writing from time to time. I figured it’d be easy — after all, I’m a software engineer, it’s 2018, there’s open-source software all over the place, and I’ve been building web apps for close to 20 years now. How hard could it be?

Definitely way harder than I imagined, for sure — mainly because of how huge these photo and video files can be. Coming up with a workflow that didn’t require a full afternoon just to post a few snapshots or clips wasn’t easy, but I did it, so I thought I’d make a little video about it.

Please enjoy.

Incidentally, I haven’t yet open-sourced all of this stuff, but there’s really no reason not to, so check back here (or keep an eye on my GitHubs) for updates on that front.

May 26, 2018
AppleMacBookPro (QuickTime)