Kids Eating Shave Ice

Toward the end of our first on day Kauai, we managed to find The Fresh Shave, a little trailer parked in a patch of gravel alongside Highway 530 in Kalaheo that we’d read about in Lonely Planet Kauai. It’s run by a family from California, so depending on what you’re looking for, it might not quite bring the island-native vibe (tending a little to the Northwest-hipstery side, with the vintage trailer and sticker-mustaches), but hey — it’s amazing stuff nonetheless: made with all local and organic fruits and ingredients, an excellent treat after a day at the beach.

At six bucks a pop, though, Rebecca and I chose to forgo ordering for ourselves, so as you listen to this, and gaze at these photos (or worse, scroll through Fresh Shave on Instagram), just imagine what it felt like for us, watching them dive into these with such glee, and feel our pain. Parenthood, man — it’s all about the sacrifices.

And if you do make it to Kauai and go looking for shave ice, I should mention Loco Coco, too: it’s also a little trailer in a parking lot, this one just outside Kukuila Market (a lovely little family-run grocer in Koloa that kept us all well fed — and well-beered — for the majority of our trip), and was easily as good, if not mo bettah.

And if you find yourself there — or for that matter, even if you don’t — you absolutely must pick up a poke bowl from Makai Sushi, which is probably the best food I’ve ever had in my entire life. But now I’m seriously digressing.

Anyway, on to the soothing sounds of childhood ice-treat consumption.

June 8, 2018