1. Live Coding a Serverless Web App With Pulumi, Mapbox, and Leaflet.js

    I made a serverless thing! And it was fun.

    This past weekend, I did a Twitch session for Manning in which I built a little serverless app with Pulumi and Mapbox and deployed it on Amazon Web Services. It was the first time I’d ever done such a thing — I’ve done many demos, but never a public live-coding session — and surprisingly (to me, at least), I actually enjoyed it. In a little over an hour, I wrote an app with Pulumi and TypeScript that renders GPS-tagged photos on a map with AWS S3, Lambda, DynamoDB and API Gateway, and aside from a few little bumps, and my crazy-long COVID hair, everything worked out pretty well.
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  2. Looking for a Pulumi book?

    Pulumi in Action is available now in early access

    Good news, friends! I’m writing a book. In Pulumi in Action, I’ll be writing about how to use Pulumi, the open-source project I work on full time, to build cloud applications and infrastructure with TypeScript and Amazon Web Services. I’m incredibly excited about this book — it’s my first — so I’m writing this post as a public expression of that excitement. (My wife often says I don’t often emote as much as I should, so I’m attaching an appropriately celebratory emoji as well, lest we be left with any lingering doubt.
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