Kekaha Beach, Kauai


I’m Christian Nunciato. I live in Seattle (well, technically just outside Seattle) and based purely on number-of-hours-logged, you could say I’m a dad, programmer, photographer, writer and occasional filmmaker. By day, I work at an awesome little startup called Pulumi. By night, owing mainly to my dadness, I sleep.

This site is still quite new, so there isn’t all that much to say about what it is yet, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’ll probably consist largely of pictures (I take a lot of pictures), videos (I shoot a lot of those, too) and a few words from time to time, mostly on non-technical subjects, much of which you probably won’t find all that interesting. (But of course, I hope you do.)

For the geeky among you, this site is built with Hugo, the static-site generator, and it’s packaged and delivered with Pulumi. The admittedly minimal design is my own, hand-crafted of course (no themes here, yo), with good ol’ HTML, CSS (well, Sass) and a handful of web components built with Stencil.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. You’ll also find me on Medium (where I write infrequently on tech topics, mainly), Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo, GitHub, CodePen, LinkedIn, and at Feel free to reach out anytime.