Motorhead: Rhapsody for Me

I did a lot during my time at Rhapsody — rebuilt the subscription Web experience, built a solid little playback engine, founded the User Experience group, founded the Developer Platform »

Books Over Bits

Yesterday, as I was walking past one of the bookshelves in my office, I noticed Jakob Nielsen's Designing Web Usability just sitting there, still unread (like so many of my »

Simple and Mechanical

This morning I ran across this article on ReadWrite about the coolness of home automation and all the wonderful things we have today to help us with that. These wonderful »


I got this for you. »

A Quick Trip to the Falls

Snoqualmie Falls this morning. Cold, rainy, misty, awesome. »

Using Strings for Resource Owner IDs in Doorkeeper

I know I said I wouldn't do as much code-related posting here as I used to, but what the heck — here's one that had me stumped for a while »

An Impromptu Snow Day

One of the things my wife loves most about me* is my penchant for hopping into a car (or better, onto a plane) without any idea where I'm going. She's »

Look Mom, I Have a Computer, Too

Scary what these little guys come up with sometimes. »

When You Doubt and Ask, It Gets a Little Harder to Believe

A beautiful little short I stumbled across this afternoon with narration from Richard Feynman. I can live with doubt, and uncertainty, and not-knowing. I think it's much more interesting to »

Buildin' Sets for the Coffee Table

This past Friday, I took a much-needed day off to help a friend, Scotto Moore, build some sets for Season Two of his Web series The Coffee Table. That contraption »

Gus Visser and His Singing Duck

So last night, while the wife was off having tea with with one of her friends, I was flipping through covers on Amazon Video and stumbled on a nice find »

D. W. Griffith's A Corner in Wheat

One of my resolutions this year is to spend more time with the movies. So after finishing J. Hoberman's book Film After Film (a book, yes — but a book »

Happy Holidays, Folks

It's been an interesting and cacophanous year for the Seattle Nunciatos, filled with many incredible blessings and a few of the usual disappointments. Lots and lots of pictures here, with »

I Seriously Can't Say Enough About This Drive

So I recently purchased one of these: ... and like I said, I can't say enough about it. It's fast, it's light, it's very quiet, and I can store pretty much »

An Easy Way to Merge MPEG Video Files

Here's a handy tip if you, like me: Have a Mac or another Unix-like OS Have a bunch of MPEG video files you'd like to stitch together (say, if your »


Today, the boy had his very first soccer practice. Loved it! (I think he enjoyed it, too.) If you're so inclined, you can view the full set on Flickr. »

Feynman on Magnetism

This video's certainly made the rounds online, but it's still one of my favorites: Richard Feynman trying to explain, in layman's terms, how magnets work: Because of magic, kid. Just »

Memoization in JavaScript and Ruby

So the other day, I ran into a situation in which I was calling a function recursively in JavaScript and needed to reduce its complexity. (And don't act like this »

My Turn with the Trains

Messing around with the boys' wooden trains and Adobe Premiere over a lazy weekend. »

Installing and Running GNUPlot on OSX Mountain Lion

I'm slowly working my way through The Audio Programming Book (obtained on a recent trip to MIT), and on reaching the section dealing with plotting audio envelopes, I ran into »

Speaking at Music Hackday @MIT 2012

This is a couple of months old, too — it's a not-so-great photo of me presenting my new music platform (powered by Rhapsody, yo!) at MIT, part of the annual »

Happy Thanksgiven

We went simple this year — no traveling, no guests, just our own little nuclear fam, minus a snoozing three-month-old. Here's a classy little animated GIF for your enjoyment. Happy Holidays »


I was relieved to discover I wasn't the only one who thought this little Norwegian thriller had some big plausibility issues. To be fair, I haven't read the book, but »

A Few Things I've Learned on Paternity Leave

As you'll no doubt derive from nearby posts, we gave birth to a daughter a couple of weeks ago — our third offspring in as many years (and likely, i »

How We Watch TV in 2012

Ironic, sure, but hey — it works. »

Hello, Rosemary

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the newest member of our little nucular family, Miss Rosemary Ruthanne Nunciato — born August 21 at a little past 10:00 PM. Many »

Weezer Covering Paranoid Android

I saw them perform this live At Adobe MAX in L.A. late last year (front row, bitches!), and it was amazing. Once I dig up the damn videos, I'll »