I love this quote from Philip Greenspun's book Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing (1997) that I noticed just before we decided to stash all »

Meet the Guinea

This is a guinea. He lives with us. He's awesome. His official responsibility as an FTE Resident Animal of the Farm is eating ticks. I'm not »

The Offspring

The Nunciato kids, in a photo (IMHO) worthy of the cover of their future début album. Not long after this picture was taken, somebody »

Motorhead: Rhapsody for Me

I did a lot during my time at Rhapsody — rebuilt the subscription Web experience, built a solid little playback engine, founded the User Experience group, »

Books Over Bits

Yesterday, as I was walking past one of the bookshelves in my office, I noticed Jakob Nielsen's Designing Web Usability just sitting there, still unread (like »

Simple and Mechanical

This morning I ran across this article on ReadWrite about the coolness of home automation and all the wonderful things we have today to help us »

Soccer Season Has Begun

It's Oliver's second season, Sam's first, and we're indoors this weekend, mainly because this is Seattle and it's March, so it's still right around 40 degrees »

Happy Holidays, Folks

It's been an interesting and cacophanous year for the Seattle Nunciatos, filled with many incredible blessings and a few of the usual disappointments. Lots and lots »

Feynman on Magnetism

This video's certainly made the rounds online, but it's still one of my favorites: Richard Feynman trying to explain, in layman's terms, how magnets work: Because »

Happy Thanksgiven

We went simple this year — no traveling, no guests, just our own little nuclear fam, minus a snoozing three-month-old. Here's a classy little animated GIF for »


I was relieved to discover I wasn't the only one who thought this little Norwegian thriller had some big plausibility issues. To be fair, I haven't »

Hello, Rosemary

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the newest member of our little nucular family, Miss Rosemary Ruthanne Nunciato — born August 21 at a little past »